About Stone India Limited

Stone India Ltd. is the name that brings with it an eight decades old heritage of being an engineering company that has pioneered introduction of many a hi-tech precision components and systems; its major buyers being Indian Railways. The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India has approved its R&D Facility.

Stone India Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2000 accredited company that flaunt avant-garde manufacturing facilities, systems and practices. Over the years, attaining its own internal benchmarks in terms of quality, costs and delivery has been a matter of habit for the company as has been the convention of raising the bar at regular intervals.

As a part of R&D it has set up a brand new Electronic Technology & Product Development Centre in Kolkata. Many a new path-breaking products have been introduced off-late. In this domain the company has developed Electro Pneumatic Brake System for EMU/DMU, Computerized Brake System for Locomotives and Electronic Rectifier cum Regulator with in-built battery chargers, Driver’s Vigilance Control Device, Electric Locomotive Fault Diagnostic & Control System, End of Train Telemeter and Converts/Inverters of different capacities. Another feather to its cap is Stone India Ltd.’s latest innovation a Micro inverter, String Inverter & Solar Pump Controller developed on a unique Platform. It comes as a solution to generating power in a clean, green way.


To empower village and urban with clean & sustainable solar energy, and water solution for drinking, sanitation & irrigation through installed roof top or ground mounted solar power systems. Enabling the have-nots with power of information to influence their daily life at an affordable cost.


To install just in time solar power system both Off-Grid, Hybrid & Grid connected system on village or urban rooftop from 300wp to 500kwp capacities through unique AC generating solar panels incorporating the latest Micro inverter, String Inverter, Solar Pump Controller through high return on investment. Also provide turnkey power & system solution for village homes.