• Ground Mounted Plant

  • Commercial Roof Plant

  • Hilly Area Plant

Welcome to Stone Solar

Since the past few decades now, that we have globally acknowledged the fact that conventional energy sources are fast depleting against ever increasing demands, we have been on our toes to explore newer avenues in the form of non-conventional energy sources. Out of the options we have harped on, the Sun seemed to be, by far, the most viable and efficient. Life has forever owed so much to the yellow star and it will, even more now, as harvesting solar energy and converting the same to usable power is taking off worldwide, thick and fast. India too has been no exception and the picture seems promising as we already get to see some substantial steps being taken in so many major states towards popularizing the technology and facilities thereof. Reasons aren’t far to seek why Stone India Ltd. has delved into the arena and come up with path breaking contrivances. And why not, when this is one form of energy that’s abundant, cheap and clean.

About Stone Solar

Stone India Limited’s response to the global pursuit of solar energy utilization has surfaced in the name of Stone Solar
a division of the company dedicated to realize the company’s vision. It goes beyond merely providing solar power. The very idea behind the emergence of Stone Solar is to provide not only comprehensive solar power generation solutions but also empower the have-nots with power of education & information. Stone Solar’s pervasive approach towards solar energy utilization has led to their excellent service through Turnkey solution services, Consultancy services & Product services in the field of Power Generation & Solar Pumping Solution.

Ground Mounted Plant


Flat ground, no shade

High requirements for grid access

Hilly Area Plant

Complex area, complicated design

Shade, various directions

Grid friendly

Commercial Roof Plant

Complicated roof type

Close to end user, strict requirements for safety

Multiple access type

Household Plant

2~100kw capacity

For self-consumption

Excess power sell to grid company