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Solar Off-grid Inverter

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Solar Grid Conected Inverter

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Solar Pumping Solution

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Off-Grid Solar Power Solution

Distributed/decentralized renewable power energy using solar power and hybrid systems are being established throughout the country to meet the energy requirements of isolated communities and areas which are not electrified in present times.


Grid Connected Power Plant Solution

Distributed centralised or decentralized renewable power energy using highly efficient Solar power Grid connected systems are being established to meet the energy requirements throughout the country in a common grid through local service utility provider by means of Roof-Top SPV System or Ground based SPV Power Plants.

Product features:

  • High efficiency 99%, Euro efficiency 98.7%
  • High reliability, field failure rate less than 1%
  • Compatibility with various country grid code
  • Easy installation, save O & M cost
  • Continuously operate @ 80kW till 50℃, suitable for high-temperature

Installation condition:

  • Integrated DC switch and fuses
  • 110% overload capability to 50ºC

Solar Pumping Solution

Solar pumping system is consisting of PV panel, AC pump Controller, AC pump. Products are designed to convert the DC power from the PV array to 3 phase AC power and drive the pumps through variable frequency drive, according to the variable power from PV array output, regulates output frequency and utilizing PV maximum output through MPPT throughout the day time without battery.


  • Agricultural irrigation purpose
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Water supply for remote areas
  • Wastewater management system
  • Water for Hospitals / Hotels / etc.